The Braverman Difference


Selecting the right financial advisor is one of life’s most important decisions. When you choose Braverman Financial Associates, you get something different.

Richard M. Braverman, CFP™, RFC, founded Braverman Financial because he realized that this region’s investors were being underserved. He has spent more than 25 years honing this firm’s unique approach to financial services. Here are a few important qualities that set Braverman apart:

A Focus on Your Needs   The Braverman team spends time gathering information about your situation and listening to your goals and needs before we begin making specific recommendations. With Braverman, it’s personal.

A Comprehensive Approach   To meet your goals for potential asset growth and preservation, we believe in the importance of reviewing your total financial picture.  Braverman addresses several critical areas of financial planning: investment management, income protection, debt management, and estate management, among others

Integrated services   Braverman insists on coordinating the activity among the CPAs, attorneys, and others who serve our clients. We believe strongly in the benefit of orchestrating all professional services in implementing a plan. This breaks down the traditional, but unnecessary, barriers between these professionals.

Reputation and experience   Over the two decades we’ve worked with investors, Braverman has worked with hundreds of investors. Our clients have entrusted us with more than $200  million of their hard-earned money. 

Open communication   We believe communication is at the center of our success. Financial planning is a personal process that requires open and honest communication. In addition, individual and family goals may change over time. Our focus on frequent communication enables us to modify plans in response to these changes.

Local ownership   We’re conveniently located to all of Central Pennsylvania, and we offer the added benefit of a broad local network of professional contacts. We frequently help clients develop important new relationships.

If you have questions about your own financial situation, or for more information on how BFA can benefit you, contact our offices at 717.399.4030 or email Richard Braverman at